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During all visits to Notth East Stone Product Ltd depot we cannot stress enough safety footwear MUST be worn at all times! Please note our yard is a live working facility and the well being of our customers is paramount. All children under the age of 16 MUST be occupied by an adult.



This Japanese sculpture was sculpted by our Master Mason.

North East Stone Ltd is  a "one stop" merchant for all your building stone needs, designed to carry large stocks of standard sandstone building products for daily collections eliminating expensive “waiting time” for manufactured products from elsewhere.

BM Super 800 Monoblade!!


This Italian fully automatic saw is capable of slabbing raw blocks up to 25 tonnes in weight



We are currently installing our new Italian TERZAGO CUTe Bridge Saw. This is a 4 Axes with complete CNC control capable of producing the most complex masonry.

We have for sale over 200 m2 of York Stone setts size 75 x 75 x 75 (new).

Cost:  £70+ VAT.

These setts retail at £180m2 (BARGAIN!). 

We have for sale 60m2 of (new) York Stone flags 700/900 long, 300 wide and 75mm thick.

Cost:  £70m2 + VAT (BARGAIN!)

These flags retail of £120m2.

We have for sale over 60m2 of (new) York Stone setts 300 x 75 x 75.

Cost:  £70m2 + VAT. (BARGAIN!)

These setts retail of £160m2.

We have 60 m2 RECLAIMED York PAVING FLAGS, 600 x 600, 600 x 300, mix 




1.6 Metre Wellcut Circular Saw


We would like to introduce our company to you “North East Stone Ltd.” the regions largest suppliers of natural stone products.


The inspiration behind our business is simple, to supply you beautiful natural sandstone products from new cut building stone, masonry, including all types of reclaimed and the North East's largest range of garden stone.


The company is run by Anthony and Clariza along with a team of highly skilled stone craftsmen. 


Since leaving Heaton School in 1978, Anthony has spent his entire working life within the stone industry gaining vast knowledge and experience over the last 39 years. Anthony manages all quarrying and day to day production at our stone depot. He is also fully experienced in quarrying dimensional stone including licensed blasting programs, qualified to operate large quarrying plant and machinery.


Please see enclosed pictures of troughs. The larger Sizes are 1600 x 900 x 500. They were used 150 years ago at a reservoir to test the purity of the drinking water. As the reservoir modernized the troughs became surplus to requirement. There are actually 25 in number, although sizes differ slightly the tooling and dressings are absolutely superb. The stone is a fine grain hard buff sandstone and all troughs still retain water, making them ideal for water features.



Builders, Landscape gardeners, and DIY can call and collect from a huge range of in stock natural stone building materials ready for immediate dispatch / delivery. 



North East Stone Products Ltd are extremely proud to support "JESSICA'S SARCOMA AWARENESS" helping children and teenagers  through cancer.























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